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Live play-by-play coverage: 2012 World Championships men's short program - National figure skating | Examiner.com

Patrick Chan CAN - super close to the boards on the approach, quad toe (steps out), triple axel (nice), nice controlled combo spin, triple lutz-triple toe, flying spin and camel-change-camel both strong, just saves himself from a fall mid-step sequence - TES 46.24, PCS 43.17, SP SCORE 89.41動画

Michal Brezina CZE - triple axel (hangs on), triple flip-triple toe, quad salchow (nice!) - I think that might be the first time he's hit a clean quad in the short? - TES 48.70, PCS 38.97, SP SCORE 87.67動画

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Daisuke Takahashi JPN - quad toe-triple toe (underrotated triple toe, hand down), triple axel (nice and smooth), steps into triple lutz (just out of nowhere!), great spins and superbly skated program, the big question is whether the triple toe was underrotated or downgraded - TES 43.43, PCS 42.29, SP SCORE 85.72動画

Brian Joubert FRA - quad toe-triple toe (hangs on to the second), triple axel (forward on the landing), steps into triple flip - a couple of iffy landings, but definitely feeding off the energy of the crowd and brought as well as he can - TES 44.35, PCS 39.12, SP SCORE 83.47動画

Javier Fernandez ESP - quad toe (forward but clean), triple lutz-triple toe (nice), triple axel (turn out) - sold his program as usual, good that he pulled out that combo - TES 43.72, PCS 38.15, SP SCORE 81.87動画

Florent Amodio FRA - quad salchow (rough fall), triple lutz-triple toe, triple axel (hangs on) - good that he doesn't look to be suffering from any effects of that injury, too bad about the quad sal - TES 42.82, PCS 38.14, FALL -1.00, SP SCORE 79.96動画

Yuzuru Hanyu JPN - quad toe-double toe, very difficult entry into triple axel (hangs on), steps into single lutz (oy) - TES 38.68, PCS 38.39, SP SCORE 77.07動画

Denis Ten KAZ - triple axel (beautiful), triple flip-triple toe (a hitch on the landing of the toe but saved it from falling), steps into triple lutz (possibly underrotated?) - the season has been good for him, Ten has finally managed to figure out his jumps in competition, it seems - TES 41.64, PCS 34.36, SP SCORE 76.00動画

Jeremy Abbott USA - triple flip-triple toe (fall, way open on the flip and muscled out the toe), triple axel (beauty), steps into double lutz (turn out) - oh, boy - TES 34.64, PCS 41.21, FALL -1.00, SP SCORE 74.85動画

Adam Rippon USA - triple flip-triple toe (just inches from hitting the boards, but perfectly fine), triple axel (fall out, hand down), steps into triple Rippon lutz (fall out), strong step sequences at the end - TES 37.77, PCS 35.78, SP SCORE 73.55動画

Takahiko Kozuka JPN - quad toe (fall, at least underrotated), triple axel (landed it and lost the edge, fall), steps into triple lutz-triple toe (hangs on) - TES 35.96, PCS 37.82, FALLS - 2.00, SP SCORE 71.78動画

Artur Gachinski RUS - double toe-double toe (ouch), spread eagle into triple axel (a bit hunched on the landing), steps into triple loop - that's gonna take him right out of the game - TES 31.39, PCS 37.11, SP SCORE 68.50動画



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